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Editor's Note: The LBT recently has discovered certain of its writers embellishing stories for effect. These embellishments are under investigation. Until the investigation is complete, please corroborate all stories before making investment or any other decisions.


The LBT is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.   

Responsibility for development of the Diversity Plan has been assigned to Mark Mallarde, Publisher.

The following diversity guidelines have been established for managers:

Anti-Harassment Policy

No individual shall be deemed to be “harassed” if she later sleeps with the harasser.  Any allegations of harassment are subject to a six-month waiting period to see if the accused eventually mounts the accuser. 

Statement on Restroom Access

The LBT does not discriminate on the basis of disability status.  Accordingly, access to the large bathroom stalls shall not be limited to those individuals claiming disability status but may be used by all staff. 

Americans with Disabilities Act

No qualified person will be denied access to, participation in, or the benefits of, any program or activity operated by the LBT because of disability unless such activity consists of the annual softball games against The Los Angeles Times or The Argonaut which are too important.