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Editor's Note: The LBT recently has discovered certain of its writers embellishing stories for effect. These embellishments are under investigation. Until the investigation is complete, please corroborate all stories before making investment or any other decisions.


Asians Scrutinized After Another Airliner Disaster

SURABAYA, Indonesia — As helicopters began searching land Tuesday for possible wreckage from AirAsia Flight 8501, a small controversial group of aviation experts have intensified their calls for restricting Asian pilots.  For the third time in a year, a Malaysian airline was lost.  This one contained 162 people aboard when it vanished in stormy weather over the Java Sea.  [More]


Kris Kringle Opens Up About Being Santa In The Age Of Diversity

The man known as “Santa Clause” was born Kris Kringle near the hardscrabble town of Sandfjorden in the upper reaches of Norway. Kringle sat down with Peter Hartwig at a toasty café near his hometown to discuss his Christmas effort in 2014 and beyond.  [More]


What To Do When Your Lady Must Lose Weight

The LBT's own Dr. Katzenberg speaks to a young man dealing with a girlfriend that could lose a few pounds.  As any man should know, a woman's body image is a very delicate subject.  Dr. Katzenberg provides a number of strategies depending on the scenario.  [More]

Obama Announces Method To Stop Anti-Muslim Speech

After thousands of Muslims around the world held protests on Friday, President Obama expressed his concerns over free speech “run amok.”  The president said that Western democracies could do more to “discourage incitement speech” without outlawing it.  [More]


White House Reaches Accord With North Korea Over Film

The 31-year-old leader paid a visit to the Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Textile Mill in order to “give guidance” in the wake of the Sony release of the controversial film “The Interview.” The PR campaign comes as White House officials leaked what some see as a breakthrough in U.S.–North Korean relations.  [More]


Branson Re-Thinks Private Sector Bid For Space Tourism

LONDON – Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s commercial “spaceline,” completed its third rocket-powered supersonic test flight with its SpaceShipTwo craft, soaring to 71,000 feet for the first time.  The flight, however, might be Virgin Galactic’s last.  The problem might lie with its first civilian passenger – also its owner.  [More]


Asian Driving Scrutiny Hits The Mainstream After Malaysian Airline 17 Veers Into Disaster

The blood-encrusted corpses from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 still litter the lush sunflower fields of the modest village of Rozsypne, Ukraine.  Yet already critics in the aviation industry and in the halls of Western governments are speaking in hushed tones about what may be the latest instance of Bad Asian Driving (“BAD”) downing a commercial airliner [More]


Pope Emeritus Benedict's Visits To London's Gay Clubs Upsets Vatican

LONDON – With the sex abuse scandal still in the Vatican’s rear view mirror, the church now contends with a new source of embarrassment – the lifestyle of retired Pope Benedict XVI who retains the official title of “pope emeritus” in his retirement. [More]


Dennis Rodman Performs Hoops Diplomacy

If the American media hates Dennis Rodman for being snippy with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, then Rodman must be on to something.  Don’t get me wrong.  I was skeptical, too.  Seeing Rodman’s previous interviews, I thought his trips to North Korea were all show.  In this interview, in contrast , we see that Rodman is dead serious. [More]


The LBT Exclusive Interview: Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle sits down for the first time in decades for an in-depth interview about diversity, globalization, the future of the toy industry and his battle to retain the rights to Santa Claus.. [More]

Bad Asian Driving Blamed For Asiana Crash

The stunning and devastating crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 is just over a day old, but already National Transportation Safety Board officials are pointing to a culprit all too familiar to American automobile drivers: substandard Asian driving. [More]

North Korea Threatens Nuke Hidden Within U.S. Ready For Detonation

The State Department confirmed early Friday morning that North Korea’s young dictator leader Kim Jong-un has issued a stern warning to the U.S. that the Stalinist regime has successfully smuggled a nuclear device onto American soil across its southern border.


Loud Gastrointestinal Sounds May Have Doomed Steenkamp

A sobbing Oscar Pistorius was scolded by a South African judge Tuesday after the fallen Olympian tearfully admitted killing his model girlfriend — but insisted it was an accident.  Perhaps that strangest aspect of the tragedy to arise thus far is Pistorius' new alibi: farts.

Pres. Obama Pledges War Reparations To North Korea

President Obama on Tuesday appeared to execute a 180-degree shift on U.S. policy towards North Korea’s advancing nuclear program.  In a statement released early Tuesday morning, he called North Korea’s third successful nuclear test an “impressive accomplishment” that reflects North Korea’s “new prominence in the region and the world.”

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