Top Ten Lesson For Our Latino Workers

Our newest infusion of youths from Central America will soon add fresh blood to our Latino worker class.  Perhaps this is an appropriate time to convey to those already here a few salient points that they can use on the job and pass on to the millions of newcomers as they filter into the backrooms of our restaurants, health clubs, offices and homes. [More]


Post-Partum Abortions Mandated By Obamacare Stir Controversy

Religious right critics of Obamacare have a new objection to the statute: the requirement that Catholic charities pay for what is known as MOPT – or Mother-Opted Post-Partum Termination.  The procedure has become the center of controversy after a little-known provision was discovered that requires Catholic charities to pay for MOPTs. [More]


A Serious Look Back At Michael Jackson As Child Prodigy In 1970s

Few remember that before Michael Jackson was a freakish tragic figure, he was a darling of the music world and idol for kids all over the country.[More]

Showdown! Robots Versus Latino Workers: Which Is Better For America?

Two seemingly unstoppable forces gather steam in these United States.  They are on a collision course.  Advances in computing and robotics are reaching a point where robots may soon perform many of the tasks that previously only could be performed by humans.  At the same time, U.S. welcomes an unprecedented number of unskilled and impoverished Latino laborers[More]


Ten Lessons For Latino Workers In The U.S.

With millions of new entrants from Central America looking for a better life, The LBT columnist Charles M. Schultz provides 10 tips for better workers.[More]


Katzenberg Dispenses More Sex And Relationship Advice

A reader asks: I have asked her if we can have anal intercourse and she keeps refusing.  Is she being homophobic?  Apart from this the relationship was going well but her ignorance is a turn off and I'm worried about whether our values are compatible...  [More]


Katzenberg Dispenses Valuable Relationship Advice To Single Women

I married my husband “Dan” eight years ago. Dan was in the Marines at the time, and I have to admit that I sort of like his macho attitude and what great shape he was in. I always felt safe and secure when I was around him...  [More]


Prof. Samuelson: Women Need To Be Willing To Lower Their Standards For Long-Term Relationships

Professor Samuelson offers a controversial yet simple and concise piece of advice that he claims will help all single women find long-term dating happiness and even marital bliss.  His message might ruffle some feathers of the fairer sex and upset some in the feminist ranks.  His message: aim lower.  He believes that many women price themselves out of relationships with men that really want them.  [More]


Weiner For Mayor Then; Weiner For Mayor Now

The sexting between Weiner and other women should only encourage New York voters that their most virile Jewish son is pushing away his Muslim extremist spouse. [More]



Schultz: Why I Dislike Boob Jobs And Favor Natural Breasts

Charles C. Schultz believes that natural female breasts are all different and special in the same way as Autumn leaves. In contrast, boob jobs feel artificial and do not appeal to his sensibilities. [More]



Immigration Reform Must Recognize Undocumented Latinos As Part Of Our Natural Bounty

Before we can talk about comprehensive immigration reform, we have to secure our borders.  This is a mantra repeated time and time again by Republican politicians that have provided neither a solid description of what a secure border actually looks like, nor an illuminated path toward a system that provides some sort of legal status for the millions of undocumented immigrants already living and paying taxes in the U.S.


Cartoon Explores Obama's Curious State Of Denial With Muslim Terrorism

Exclusive To The LBT -- Cartoonist Terry Paul illustrates Pres. Obama's strange attitude towards Muslim terrorism.  


Salve The Wounds That Cause Muslim Terrorism The Natural Way -- Through Hugging Alienated Muslim Immigrants

We can all agree on a few things in this painful time.  Bombings are bad.  Bombing injure people.  Bombings destroy families.  We all mourn the loss of our fallen police officers and civilians.  The next important question is: how do we stop bombings in the future? The answer is far simpler than it might seem.  Why it’s within arm’s reach.  


Prof. Samuelson Gives Important Parable For Aging Female Daters

As an expert on the relations between men and women and a keen observer of the singles dating scene in the Los Angeles region, an anonymous letter I received from a local gentleman caught my attention.  The bachelor had something heartfelt to say but did not quite have the words with which to say it.  Accordingly, I have taken his message and put them into my own words.  [More]


Hot Asians Be Damned/Get Our Troops Out Of S. Korea So We Can Bomb The North

Let us get something straight.  Korean women are the best looking of our Asian varietals.  True those bony Southeast Asian women have their proponents, but Southeast Asians make only the best-looking transvestites.  Personally, I do not partake in either transvestites or Asian women.  But how about those Hyundais?  Each passing year they look more and more like a genuine Mercedes.  Not my style, but they sure are trying.  [More]

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