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Editor's Note: The LBT recently has discovered certain of its writers embellishing stories for effect. These embellishments are under investigation. Until the investigation is complete, please corroborate all stories before making investment or other decisions.


Post-Partum Abortions Mandated By Obamacare Stir Controversy

Religious right critics of Obamacare have a new objection to the statute: the requirement that Catholic charities pay for what is known as MOPT – or Mother-Opted Post-Partum Termination.  The procedure has become the center of controversy after a little-known provision was discovered that requires Catholic charities to pay for MOPTs. [More]


A Serious Look Back At Michael Jackson As Child Prodigy In 1970s

Few remember that before Michael Jackson was a freakish tragic figure, he was a darling of the music world and idol for kids all over the country.[More]


Obama Administration To Diversify Lady Liberty

NEW YORK - In 1996 General Mills did a diversity makeover to America’s favorite baking queen Betty Crocker. To replace the old lily-white Betty, they took a cup of the old Caucasian, a pinch of African-American features, a smattering a Latino features and a sprinkle of Asian traits. The result: a “diverse” Betty Crocker with whom all Americans could identify. Fast-forward to 2012. [More]

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