SAE Fraternity Members Could Face Capital Punishment

Oklahoma University President David Boren said Monday that he will order the expulsion of students participating in a racist chant caught on video and will request permission from the governor of Oklahoma to execute those students that appear in the video.  [More]


Las Vegas? Don't Even Go There

The LBT visits Las Vegas.  If picking up girls at nightclubs is not your reason to go there, then here is why you should think twice about going.  [More] 


Another Asian Airliner Crashes In Dramatic Fashion

The controversy surrounding Bad Asian Driving (or “BAD”) will flare up again after a Taiwanese TransAsia turboprop plane carrying 58 passengers and crew careened into a bridge on Wednesday.  The plane ended its flight in a small river in downtown Taipei.  At least 31 people are believed to have died.  Dozens more were injured.  [More]

Benghazi Scandal Widens: Clinton Tied To Gen. Petraeus' Resignation; Possible Retaliation For Benghazi Talking Points Scrutiny


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Benghazi scandal might have taken on yet another dimension.  Facts uncovered concerning the firing of Gen. David Petraeus indicate that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have played a role in exposing Petraeus’ extramarital affair with biographer Paula Broadwell.  Publication of this affair ultimately forced Petraeus to resign as CIA director. 

If a link is proven between Clinton and the Petraeus sex scandal, it could be viewed as consistent with other allegations of retaliation by the Obama administration against the three “whistleblowers” that testified before Congress on May 8.  Petraeus, who clashed with Clinton's State Dept. over the infamous "talking points," lost his job soon thereafter.

The new facts involving Clinton relate to her connection with the mysterious Tampa, Florida socialite – Jill Kelley.  Kelley reported to the FBI threatening emails warning her to stay away from Petraeus.  This scandal broke in November 2012 just after the Benghazi attack.  Upon investigating the FBI allegedly discovered that Petraeus’ biographer – Paula Broadwell – had sent the emails to Kelley.  The exposure of the extramarital affair forced Petraeus to step down as CIA director.

Now the May 20 edition of the American Weekly magazine reports that Kelley's mother has known Clinton since the two were young girls.  Apparently, the two met while attending an exclusive girls summer camp in Minnesota – Camp Womyntonka.  At least two other campers have come forward to confirm that both attended the camp together.

Many are speculating that Clinton used her relationship with Kelley to set into motion the forced resignation of Petraeus.

Many are speculating that Clinton used her relationship with Kelley’s family to set into motion the forced resignation of Petraeus.  Petraeus’ role in the Benghazi scandal became clearer after the leaking of emails that trace the evolution of the talking points.  Petraeus expressed his strong disapproval of the State Department’s alteration of CIA intelligence in the talking points.  The exposure of his affair came only three weeks later.

According to the American Weekly piece, two anonymous women have provided credible accounts of Clinton and Kelley’s Lebanese mother attending Camp Womyntonka together.  The camp, which has since been closed, had a professed mission of cultivating a sense of strength and independence in young women.  It was located on Grant Lake outside of Duluth, Minnesota.

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