Lebron James' Generous Teammates Pitch In With Hair Donations 

Entering the NBA Finals, the only opponent that seems to have the better of NBA superstar Lebron James is his hairline. His doctor says he is out of donor hair from the back of his head. Trapped in a corner, his teammates are hoping to bail him out by donating their own follicles.  [More]



Las Vegas? Don't Even Go There

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Another Asian Airliner Crashes In Dramatic Fashion

The controversy surrounding Bad Asian Driving (or “BAD”) will flare up again after a Taiwanese TransAsia turboprop plane carrying 58 passengers and crew careened into a bridge on Wednesday.  The plane ended its flight in a small river in downtown Taipei.  At least 31 people are believed to have died.  Dozens more were injured.  [More]

Womb Raider?

Starlet Jolie Shocks Onlookers By Showing Off Her Excised Uterus And Internal Genitalia


Published March 25, 2015



Actress Angelina Jolie, mother of six, created a frenzy after displaying her uterus to a group of reporters.  Jolie had had her uterus and ovaries removed in order to prevent cancer since she is at a high genetic risk for ovarian cancer based upon her genetic markers and family history.

The press conference began normally enough as doctors briefly described the procedure.  Then Jolie told the group of reporters that she could not be more proud to have removed her uterus and ovaries through the surgery.  “This surgery may save my life, and in that way this uterus is a thing of beauty for me.”  Just after speaking those words, Jolie reached down behind the table and lifted up what appears to be her excised uterus.  “This is the real star!” exclaimed Jolie, who looked healthy and radiant just one day after surgery.

Reactions to the uterus waiving have been largely positive.  Feminist studies professor Gina Adler-Bouttros said that displaying her uterus and ovaries was the most empowering gesture she has ever seen from an actress.  “I don’t remember feeling this special about a woman taking charge of her body since Madonna’s ‘Sex’ book 20 years ago,” said Adler-Bouttros.

Although many have praised Jolie for bringing attention to breast cancer and now ovarian cancer, some social commentators question the need to display her genitalia.  The conservative Eagle Syndicate’s Phyllis Schaffer believes Jolie “overdid it.”  “While I believe she made a well-reasoned health decision, waiving body parts over your head is indecent and an affront to our creator,” she said.