Top Ten Lesson For Our Latino Workers

Our newest infusion of youths from Central America will soon add fresh blood to our Latino worker class.  Perhaps this is an appropriate time to convey to those already here a few salient points that they can use on the job and pass on to the millions of newcomers as they filter into the backrooms of our restaurants, health clubs, offices and homes. [More]


Post-Partum Abortions Mandated By Obamacare Stir Controversy

Religious right critics of Obamacare have a new objection to the statute: the requirement that Catholic charities pay for what is known as MOPT – or Mother-Opted Post-Partum Termination.  The procedure has become the center of controversy after a little-known provision was discovered that requires Catholic charities to pay for MOPTs. [More]


A Serious Look Back At Michael Jackson As Child Prodigy In 1970s

Few remember that before Michael Jackson was a freakish tragic figure, he was a darling of the music world and idol for kids all over the country.[More]

The LBT Obtains Exclusive Emails From Gen. Allen That Indicate Espionage By Femme Fatale Kelley

Published November 15, 2012


In perhaps the most dramatic turn of the entire Petraeus/Allen sex scandal, The LBT has obtained from a source within the Justice Department emails between Gen. John R. Allen and his apparent mistress Jill Kelley. The emails seem to indicate activity for worse than marital infidelity.

Instead, Kelley tries to use sexual promises to coax military secrets from Gen. Allen concerning maneuvers around Iran and the White House's negotiating posture with Iran with regard to its nuclear program. Read The Emails