Asians Scrutinized After Another Airliner Disaster

SURABAYA, Indonesia — As helicopters began searching land Tuesday for possible wreckage from AirAsia Flight 8501, a small controversial group of aviation experts have intensified their calls for restricting Asian pilots.  For the third time in a year, a Malaysian airline was lost.  This one contained 162 people aboard when it vanished in stormy weather over the Java Sea.  [More]


Kris Kringle Opens Up About Being Santa In The Age Of Diversity

The man known as “Santa Clause” was born Kris Kringle near the hardscrabble town of Sandfjorden in the upper reaches of Norway. Kringle sat down with Peter Hartwig at a toasty café near his hometown to discuss his Christmas effort in 2014 and beyond.  [More]


What To Do When Your Lady Must Lose Weight

The LBT's own Dr. Katzenberg speaks to a young man dealing with a girlfriend that could lose a few pounds.  As any man should know, a woman's body image is a very delicate subject.  Dr. Katzenberg provides a number of strategies depending on the scenario.  [More]

The LBT Obtains Exclusive Emails From Gen. Allen That Indicate Espionage By Femme Fatale Kelley

Published November 15, 2012


In perhaps the most dramatic turn of the entire Petraeus/Allen sex scandal, The LBT has obtained from a source within the Justice Department emails between Gen. John R. Allen and his apparent mistress Jill Kelley. The emails seem to indicate activity for worse than marital infidelity.

Instead, Kelley tries to use sexual promises to coax military secrets from Gen. Allen concerning maneuvers around Iran and the White House's negotiating posture with Iran with regard to its nuclear program. Read The Emails