SAE Fraternity Members Could Face Capital Punishment

Oklahoma University President David Boren said Monday that he will order the expulsion of students participating in a racist chant caught on video and will request permission from the governor of Oklahoma to execute those students that appear in the video.  [More]


Las Vegas? Don't Even Go There

The LBT visits Las Vegas.  If picking up girls at nightclubs is not your reason to go there, then here is why you should think twice about going.  [More] 


Another Asian Airliner Crashes In Dramatic Fashion

The controversy surrounding Bad Asian Driving (or “BAD”) will flare up again after a Taiwanese TransAsia turboprop plane carrying 58 passengers and crew careened into a bridge on Wednesday.  The plane ended its flight in a small river in downtown Taipei.  At least 31 people are believed to have died.  Dozens more were injured.  [More]

The LBT Obtains Exclusive Emails From Gen. Allen That Indicate Espionage By Femme Fatale Kelley

Published November 15, 2012


In perhaps the most dramatic turn of the entire Petraeus/Allen sex scandal, The LBT has obtained from a source within the Justice Department emails between Gen. John R. Allen and his apparent mistress Jill Kelley. The emails seem to indicate activity for worse than marital infidelity.

Instead, Kelley tries to use sexual promises to coax military secrets from Gen. Allen concerning maneuvers around Iran and the White House's negotiating posture with Iran with regard to its nuclear program. Read The Emails