These words from my great-grandfather remain the guiding principles of this publication. — Mark Theodore Mallarde, IV, Santa Marino, CA, July 2, 2010

Upon my retirement, I know that our efforts to publish the news will always conform to this paper’s cardinal principles, to its fight for progress and reform within the bounds of commerce, for its intolerance of injustice or corruption to the extent it does not interfere with our own progress, to always fight demagogues of all parties that pose no threat to our purse, never belong to any party that cannot prevail, always oppose privileged classes and public plunderers that do no share their prosperity with ourselves, never lack sympathy with the poor if crumbs line our pockets, always remain devoted to the public welfare when in the public eye, never be satisfied with merely printing news but also create news where needed, always appear drastically independent, and never be afraid to attack wrong unless reality demonstrates that the risk outweighs the reward.

– Mark T. Mallarde, Publisher, Santa Marino, July 23, 1905